What is Promonexion?

The best marketing solution for your business, products or website.

Cover Videos, Posts or Memes for your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Videos and Promo Clips for your business, group, products and for personal use.
Applications in Microsoft, Android, IOS and others.
Websites for you or your business.
Educational modules of 7 platforms in 1.
Marketing Service in association with vProtocol and Edunexion.

What is Edunexion?

“Sharing your educational world with others…”

The world’s only multi-user, multidisciplinary, educational entertainment unique PC sharing platform.

With multiple useful tools to do everything on your PC, Tablet or Laptop. It interacts with you and the internet allowing you to access multiple users educational platforms with different links, content from people all over the world.

You can share your educational content links from your Web pages, Texts, Videos, Photos, your social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more. It will keep you up to date with all the current internet trends, topics and links of what other people have shared through their platforms.

There is a free platform waiting for you where you can share your educational content to the world.


  1. Download the Edunexion, PROMO Gallery & vProtocol applications to your PC Desktop.
  2. Register on our website and claim your free platform.
  3. We will send you a link where you can upload your content.

Download these applications: (PC) — Free :



Note: We are currently working on the IOS and Android versions.