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EDU7 Platform  :

The only drag & drop, 7 in 1 educational and creative platform software in the world.

1.  Graphic Design Platform:
     Create over Excel, Word, Pictures, Videos, Music, Web Pages, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
     You Tube, Photo Shop, Pinterest, Instagram and more using your PC in 30 seconds or less.

2.  Educational Platform:
     Create any kind of educational platforms to teach in a creative and visual way.

3.  Multimedia Platform:
     Stream and create with your favorite music and videos.

4.  Text to Speech Platform:
     Use your computer to speak out your text.

5.  Internet Platform:
     Use your web links to Interact with the Internet.

6.  Augmented Reality Platform:
     Use your desktop to add an interactive experience environment.

7.  Photography Platform:
     Use your desktop as an Image control and creative center.